Wednesday, January 21, 2009

VIP Brings Hollywood Technology to Cayman's Real Estate Industry

As part of his latest expansion, Martin Wilkinson at VIP Productions has brought a touch of Hollywood to Cayman’s real estate industry, offering innovative Steadicam film tours that promise to open up a new world of marketing possibilities for the island.

VIP Productions is currently the only specialized film production company in the Cayman Islands using Steadicam equipment, which is used prevalently in the Hollywood movie industry. This type of equipment uses “a hydraulically-balanced apparatus that harnesses a camera to an operator's body providing smooth tracking shots without using a track.”

In terms of the real estate industry, this filming technique will result in fluid cinematic walkthroughs of key properties, which will be available for viewing on a range of media – including widescreen playback, web publishing, and mobile technologies such as Blackberry and iPod.

Owner, Martin Wilkinson predicts that these virtual tours of Cayman’s property market will increase accessibility for potential buyers and create a wider appeal to an international audience, giving a boost to the island’s economy as property sales go up.

“Real estate marketing just went digitally mobile, and without any loss of quality – our compression techniques maintain superb visual quality while fitting into a palm-sized iPhone, iPod or Blackberry.”

- Article January 2009 by Lisa Evans
- Published in the Caymanian Compass on Tuesday 17th 2009

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