Thursday, January 1, 2009

VIP Celebrates the Holidays with Grace Christian Academy

     Even the rain couldn't dampen the spirits of the children, teachers and parents attending Grace Christian Academy's annual Christmas play. The first show of the season, put on by the students in grades one through six, was staged outdoors at the school and even when the skies opened up, the show went on. Umbrellas opened throughout the audience (our videographers were even forced to make use of them to shield the cameras from the down pour) but performers and spectators alike were not put off their Christmas spirit.

     The next week, the kindergarten class staged their version of the nativity story at the John Gray Memorial United Church in West Bay. Both performances were received enthusiastically by parents and teachers alike.

     VIP is very excited to be playing a more prominent role in our community - including working on school events like the plays
at Grace Christian Academy. We want to have a more central role in the promotion of local schools, teams and organizations and look forward to working on similar projects in the future.