Thursday, February 12, 2009

VIP to boost land development project for sister islands

On Monday, Martin joined forces with top realtors Neil and Cathy Williams of Remax to travel to sister islands, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, for their latest real estate promotional video.
Flying on Cayman Airways, Martin shot footage of new land development sites, as well as capturing some of the stunning natural beauty and wildlife that the islands are famous for.

“The demand for professional film production in the property industry is growing as realtors on island are facing increasing pressure – thus looking for fresh new ways to attract investors, win sales and stay one step ahead of the competition.”
Quote – Martin Wilkinson

Monday, February 2, 2009

VIP Productions Takes A Red Carpet Ride Amongst The Stars

The spectacular natural beauty of the Cayman Islands can be witnessed not only by day but also by night, when the stars light up the skies above. However, a different kind of celestial body lit up Camana Bay on Friday night, when this recreational epicenter was the location for the launch of the Cayman Islands’ Film Commission. This prestigious launch event was attended by a number of important local dignitaries headed by Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford and adding extra sparkle, the red carpet was graced by Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie, Legally Blonde) and John O’Hurley (Seinfeld, Family Feud).

VIP Productions was there to capture the event moment by moment, with Martin and Sam shooting on our broadcast-standard video cameras and Lisa conducting red carpet interviews alongside production teams from our local TV and radio stations.

***Watch this space for YouTube links to the footage.

“The atmosphere was electric. Cayman has probably not seen media hype like this since the early nineties, when production crews for The Firm (starring Tom Cruise) descended upon Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach. John O’Hurley, in his red-carpet interview, said that he expected the new Film Commission would set the wheels in motion for future Hollywood shoots on the islands, attracting the attention of more Hollywood A-Listers.”

The purpose of the Cayman Islands Film Commission is to collate a comprehensive database that details the services, resources and talents of businesses and individuals on the islands who could assist in the production of film, television and music videos. This information would be accessed by producers worldwide who are considering the Cayman Islands as a filming destination. Producers will be offered guidance to fast-track them through the minefield of regulatory issues, thus making the Cayman Islands a more desirable location for future movie productions.

The decision to use the Cayman Islands for a film shoot would have enormous benefits to our economy, creating hundreds, if not thousands of new jobs, from catering to carpentry, acting work for extras to hotel bookings, equipment hire to transport and of course, film crew and production assistants.

As the island’s premier film production company, with experience on land, in water and in air, VIP is already in a prime position to be first in line for direct involvement with any future film shoots.